Valentine's Day Posts - MISSING?!!!

People have been messaging me this past week, 
saying they can't find all of my past posts for Valentine's Day and February Decor....  
which put me in a panic big enough to send me straight to my archives.
Even though I am not adding new content to the blog anymore, 
I want to know that you can find what you are looking for here!
Yes, the posts ARE all there!

I wanted to share with everyone that you can find them by 
scrolling to the bottom of this page and looking under the 'labels' list, 
then clicking on 'Valentine's Day'. 

Or by searching 'Valentines Day' in the search bar on the left upper part of this page.

And also by clicking on the 'Winter Decor' tab on the right sidebar.

Or, you can just click HERE to find them all!
As much as I am able, I will pop in on the first of each month 
and post the link to that month's appropriate post label, 
so they are easier for you all to find ;)

PS: I'll also update the Pinterest board featured on the sidebar!

Happy decorating, everyone... Enjoy!
~ Deb


A Gift for Myself...

One of my goals with this blog has always been 
to underscore the point that decorating isn't limited
to the massive renovations you see on HGTV home shows.
Or the 'before and after reveals' in magazines.

It can be the simple activity of arranging small items 
on small shelves on an office wall or an entry table,
so that you experience the beauty of nature, the season,
and your own creativity EVERY DAY.

In my mind, I've always been focused on showing you how to make small changes
without spending a lot of money
so that your home can reflect the changing beauty of the seasons
and INSPIRE you every day.
(If you haven't read my 'about' page yet, 
hit the 'start here' link up above
to find out why and how HOMEWARDfound came to be...)
Mary Engelbreit, one of my favorite artists,
says 'Bloom Where You Are Planted'...
I say, Decorate the space you have with what you have.
And love it. No matter how small it is.
No matter where it is, or how long it is for.

I've spent the last three years living in two rooms of my parent's home,
thanks to their generosity... and I'll bet you didn't know that about me.
It's a far cry from the gorgeous dream home I had on an island in Washington,
or the many other homes I have been blessed to have lived in over my life.
but I have worked to make the best of it... to love it, no matter how it limits me.

During this time, I have enjoyed creating and sharing ideas and inspiration with you 
here at HOMEWARDfound Decor.
I've employed some very creative tactics to focus on the small details and areas,
rather than offer 'room reveals' and wide shots -
because I simply don't have the space to do that.
I've made use of old photos of my past homes & decor,
as well as creating new projects and products for you to enjoy.
At times, it has been easy. Often, it has been remarkably difficult to continue.
It's been a cathartic and expansive exercise for me, 
 helping me to find myself again, after losing sight of who I was in the face of loss.

Through HOMEWARDfound,
I have been blessed and honored to be published in and write for many magazines, 
to have made and sold my original creations, providing me with an income,
and to have met so many people who are 'my tribe' of decorating-minded people.
It has healed and warmed my heart
to have read your encouraging and kind words in comments here and on facebook,
to have received your support and friendship across the miles.
And I am SO very grateful for each and every one of you,
for choosing to spend some of your time
reading this blog, trying the project tutorials, leaving comments...
it means the world to me.

This year,
I am giving myself a gift...
the gift of peace. time. freedom. acceptance. LIFE.

my word for 2015.

Friends, the time has come for me to stop blogging and facebooking,
to take my life that I have made public off of the social media stage, 
and just LIVE...
to create when I want, for me, and not worry about doing it on a time schedule
or having to edit photos and create graphics and promote posts.
To stop feeling driven to produce and compete for an audience 
in the blogosphere, Pinterest, and facebook.
To stop feeling the need to produce or compete ANYWHERE.

Through my blogs Hummadeedledee, Debi Ward Kennedy retail design,
the Retreat Style blog, and now HOMEWARDfound Decor,
I've been blogging since 2004 - that's ten years.
And I'm just ready to stop, my friends...

I wish you all many creative hours making your homes reflect the beauty of each season
and of your own beautiful personalities...
May God bless and keep you, and may every day bring you cause to
Celebrate life, every day!

With Love, Affection,
and my deepest Appreciation,

 HOMEWARDfound Decor content on the blog and facebook page will remain online, 
with content for every season available to you all year long...
I hope that you continue to enjoy what I've shared here!

All copyrights remain in effect for all content on this blog.


Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas!
I'm taking some time off to enjoy the Holiday,
and I hope you are, too!
.(PS: to see more gorgeous photos like the one above,
see this post for images from the 2013 Vintage Marketplace show!)
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Make Magnets from FREE Stamp Images!

Here's one last Holiday craft project and gift idea for you...
and it's okay if your budget is gone, because this is a FREEBIE!

When you make your last (last last last) run to the post office to ship gifts this week,
grab a few copies of the FREE Philatelic catalogs on the counters there...
they are filled with the current and upcoming stamp designs
that make GREAT art supplies!

Check out some of the Christmas stamp images in the current catalog:
 The images are generously sized (bigger than actual stamps), colorful, and very clear... 
I used the following images in my magnet examples:
Find images of stamps you like - then cut them out of the catalog.
Cut clean and neat, keeping the edges close to the artwork and straight.
"neatness counts", just like our kindergarten teachers taught us ;)

 Then use a glue stick or double-sided tape to affix the images to magnets.

Use old magnets you already have, or get a roll of flexible magnetic strips at the hardware store - 
it cuts easy and you can tape sections together to make bigger magnets
(as for the block of images shown above).
 If you want to, you can laminate the images before gluing the magnets on.
In just a few minutes and for almost no cost at all, 
you have some fun new magnets for your fridge or memo board for the Holiday season!

You know, if you just glued the images to cardstock and cut it into a shape,
you could create little tree ornaments this way, too!

BTW, you can do this for every season of the year,
since the USPS releases new stamp designs and catalogs all year long!

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Black & White & Winter All Over!

It's finally beginning to look a bit like Christmas around HOMEWARDfound central!
I've been so busy working that I didn't even remove the fall pumpkins from my office until SUNDAY.
Yes, you read that right.
I debated even decorating at ALL, but the urge got the best of me and I went for it - 
although in a different way than I usually do.

This year, I decided to focus on decorating for the winter season
rather than just for Christmas...

I don't have tons of bins of Holiday decor anymore, just a few with special items,
so I selected some things from there
and then added in everyday 'stuff' that helped me create a color scheme.
I went for a crisp black, white, and silver look:
The shelves on the wall in the office are rather triangular,
so when filled they remind me of a tree shape.

Along with my growing black & white coffee mug collection,
I used sparkly paper bags from the dollar store, two of my Original Sweet Sweater Snowmen,
a glass nativity scene, white tissue snowflakes, sparkly glittery metal branches, a lace mask,
and the rare white candy canes that I have been hauling around since 2009
(and OH are they STALE!)

Here are a few of the other elements I used:
 I do still collect white Santa china & ironstone mugs...
I wash all of the red paint off of them, though, so they fit my pale neutral color scheme!
This year, I found these tiny little tophat ornaments at Dollar Tree,
and they sit perfectly on top of the smallest size mugs!
 You've seen this truck before... it has a place of honor every season, 
because it reminds me of my Grandpa Ward's truck.
And the castle ornament.... well, I don't really need to explain that one, do I? ;)

Across the room, a breakfront/dresser is a large display space,
and I have been putting the tree here each year...
This year, I decided to create a DIFFERENT kind of tree...
 and used my wire tomato cage dome instead!
I could have used a plain ol' wire tomato cage tree,
but I was lazy and in a hurry and so I used what was already in the room.

 I placed the dome on a platter on top of a china pedestal bowl to raise it up,
and my special vintage ornaments in silver hang delicately from the wire crosspieces.
A birdsnest that I made cradles a broken ornament at the base of the dome,
and a mini-sized tophat that I bought at Disneyland serves as a jaunty dome topper.

 White china & ironstone holds more ornaments across the vignette,
and some black accents really POP against the white... especially that Chanel box :)
 Last Christmas, when I was having a blast with my kids and grandkids in Seattle,
I bought the white ceramic Space Needle salt & pepper shakers.
(They were the least cheesy souvenirs I could find down at Pier 39!)

Then this year, I found the white ceramic Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland.
(I love the way the snowflakes show up behind it in the flocked black shadow box frame here...
they remind me of the Disneyland fireworks!)

As I worked, I realized that I have a growing collection here - figures of the places I love best!
Now my plan is to find a ceramic figure of the Alamo in San Antonio
(even if it's not white, I can paint it white)
and then some other places that are really special to me.
I can use them in my decor all year long, instead of just at Christmas!

 Just a few more detail shots of little decor touches...
I don't have the light strands for the clear bubble lights anymore,
so I just piled them into an enamel pail. They still make me smile!

Another handmade nest found a home in an ironstone chamber pot,
hung by its handle on an old wood gate section.

...and my vintage wire shopping cart corrals all of my gift wrap supplies!

SO, even though I waited a REALLY long time to get my decorating mojo on,
it was worth the wait.
Mostly because I don't have to take it all down in two weeks!!! 
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