Bonus Post: Faux Statuary!

I'm posting today because I JUST finished a quick project and am THRILLED with it!
I used my faux concrete paint treatment
on a plain old styrofoam head form,
 and the result is what you see above!
She looks for all the world like a real concrete statue....

Here's the before and after:
 BEFORE                                                 AFTER

 This project took no more than ten minutes to paint.
Then I added my own original Junk Queen Crown to her regal head,
( I made and sold them back in 2008/9)
and placed a few bleached leaves on it for seasonal detail.

I am looking at things with a new eye today...
because I can picture some old tchotchkes and brick-a-brack painted like this,
transforming weary old decor into elegant classic accessories!

Find my faux concrete paint treatment tutorial HERE

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IKEA Lantern Cloche

Here's a truly 'Fast, Cheap & Easy'TM decorating idea for you:
Use a simple five dollar galvanized metal lantern from IKEA as a cloche.

Open up that lil' latched door and place something sweet, special and small inside,
perched on the votive-holder cup like a pedestal.
You can leave the door open, or close it back up.
You can sit the lantern ON something, as seen here, or hang it FROM something
as long as whatever you put in there isn't too heavy...

I used one of my original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins in mine this year.
In the past, I've also used a Nest, a large wooden Easter egg, and a snowball ornament,
since this idea translates to use for every season.

Simple as can be, and ever so much more interesting than a plain glass dome!

Want to make your own versions of my original sweater pumpkins?
My free tutorial is HERE!
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Vanilla... Nice, Nice, Baby

I guess it's not hard to see where my inspiration came from for this decor scheme....

My autumn color palette always - ALWAYS - includes tones of vanilla.
From pale cream to warm ivory, I love this color.
Mixed with soft brown-sugar tans and golden caramel hues,
 it's warm and inviting and comforting....
and craving-inducing
(especially when I am burning a vanilla scented candle, which is every day!)

My last post showed you the wall o' shelves in my office/studio,
decorated for Autumn in my fave hues.
Today, let's look across the room at the breakfront/sideboard/dresser area:

(Let me give you your bearings, because this image can be confusing...
There is a wall behind the dresser-top display, 
with two mirrors and my inspiration board hanging on the wall.
That's why you see the wall o' shelves on the left and another dresser on the right - reflections)
My inspiration board is long and narrow, to fit in the space between the mirrors.
Every season, I swap out the photos and quotes pinned to it.

Oh, and the 'bulletin board' itself?
Cardboard boxes, laid flat, sized to fit the space, covered in gift wrap, and nailed to the wall.

 On the dresser/sideboard top, I mix and match and add stuff every season
to create an inspiring and pleasing vignette.

This season, I used wood and galvanized metal for depth,
with my ubiquitous white dinnerware to lighten it all up.
(dishes are not just for serving food, you know!
Add in creamy tones in bleached leaves and my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins,
and then the final details:

 A perfect cashmere pumpkin sits under a handmade wire dome / 'cagelet',
displayed on a cool white ceramic pedestal bowl with a plate on top.
 I made this wire folly YEARS ago (inspired by Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy!)
and I love changing it up every season.

I know, I know...
every time I share photos of this, I get messages and comments about making a tutorial...
truthfully, I haven't had the patience to break it down into the 20 steps it will take.
Not sure anyone would hang around to even READ a 20-step tutorial!!!!

 I tuck little sentimental details into my display here because I can see them when I am writing...
those two ceramic tiles were made my by creative daughter Brianna in her high school art class.
One is sunshine, one is rain... they sum up life for me,
and remind me every day of a sweet little redheaded girl who has always loved art.
I'm talking about Anni - but that applies to ME, too! ;)

One last area in my office is the dresser to the right of my long desk...
the dresser belonged to my Grandpa Ward, and I treasure it.
On top of the dresser, a classic alabaster lamp (found for TEN BUCKS at Goodwill!)
casts a warm light onto another gathering of creamy vanilla decor...
wood yardsticks, old papers and neutral gift wrap are stored in a miniature milk can,
and more Sweet Sweater Pumpkins are displayed,
one topped by two crowns under a wire dome - made from a tomato cage!
( and THIS one I DID create a tutorial for right here )

 I still have a bunch of bleached leaves and sweater pumpkins that I didn't use in the vignettes,
so I filled up two canvas totes and plopped them into my vintage wire shopping cart by the door.
 I think they just look like two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream!
My no-sew Sweet Sweater Pumpkin Tutorial is available FREE here.
Find my Bleached Leaf Tutorial here.

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I Admit It, I'm Plain Ol' Vanilla....

While I love the occasional seasonal addition of a bright, happy hue to my decor,
I am basically a vanilla girl. 
Warm, soft neutral colors are my preferred palette, 
and my go-to design choices year-round are always pale and soft,
like a melted bowl of vanilla bean ice cream with caramel sauce.

Great. Now I'm hungry!

So anyway, each Autumn, while everyone else is decking their haunted halls 
with orange and rust and yellow, (or maybe black and purple)
I am creating serene, luscious, warm & cozy vignettes from shades of vanilla and brown sugar.

In Autumn, my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins in neutral tones are ALWAYS on the menu,
(see some of the ways I have used them in the past here)
 and this year is very, very vanilla....
In one area of my office/studio, I have small wall shelves over a daybed.
These provide a canvas for an ever-changing seasonal display for my collected treasures.
Here on these shelves, my pumpkins nestle into containers of many kinds:
Creamy sweater pumpkins perch on top of 
a rolled-up canvas military belt and an old roll of medical tape, 
as well as in a little galvanized bucket.
 My miniature clay pumpkins sit on the shelf and on the back of a vintage toy truck
(that reminds me of my Grandpa Ward's truck each time I look at it)
Coffee mugs with my initials serve as pedestals for a sweater pumpkin 
and a tiny 'found objects nest' that I made.
More sweater pumpkins simply sit on the shelves, paired with small ironstone pieces.

BTW, the 'bottom shelf' you see in the photo below?
Not a shelf, actually.
It's a wood window box turned sideways, sitting on top of a bookcase headboard.
Using it this way gave me added display space AND storage for the piece.
I simply MUST include a nod to my favorite year 'round decorative element:
Mister Big Bear.

My mom gave him to me over 22 years ago, 
and he's been the go-to cuddle spot for sick kids and sick Deb, 
has absorbed a LOT of tears on sad occasions, 
and has charmed grumpy grandchildren into cheerfulness countless times.
He's family <3 ... and he doesn't mind being dressed up!

Follow my original tutorials to make your own:
Sweet Sweater Pumpkins
Mini Clay Pumpkins

Find more sweet vanilla decor in THIS POST!

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